Discovering the Venetian Lagoon by Kayak


Kayaking is the best way to discover the hidden and enchanted places of the Venetian Lagoon, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.

A unique opportunity to get away from the daily chaos and switch off, immersed in nature and tranquility.


Through a guided excursion in Kayak, following a breathtaking route between the canals of the suggestive “Valle Falconera“, you will reach a characteristic farmhouse.

A pleasant place, in the heart of the Venetian salt marsh, where you can relax in the shade of jujubes and wild cherry trees. 

Here you will meet the owners, since four generations they remain the silent keepers of this lost paradise. They are fervent supporters of organic agriculture, respectful of the territory and seasonality.

Direct contact with the countryside is the most authentic form of sustainable tourism, the best way to collect and preserve memories and emotions.

How about eating? 

You will taste the typical dishes of the farmhouse: a triumph of aromas and flavours, prepared with “km 0 ingredients. 

Included services

  • Private transport
  • Travel insurance
  • Guided Kayak excursion
  • Lunch (on request, vegetarian/vegan menu without gluten or lactose)


  • Experience bookable from May to October
  • Experience suitable for beginners