The Prosecco Route


The Prosecco Hills are our home. 

We were born and raised here, and now we are passionate about sharing the enchanting allure of this unique place with you. Here, the interweaving of history, nature and culinary traditions creates a spectacle like no other in the world. 

Unplug, unwind and embark on an unforgettable journey engaging all your senses in the hearth of local tastes and traditions.


Imagine yourself…

…Stepping into a secluded rural church, with a magnificent view of the sweeping views of the Prosecco Hills…

…Taking a selfie in front of an ancient water mill, a site that has graced masterpieces of Italian cinema…

…Savoring some of the finest local foods and wine, all with the rustic charm of a traditional “casera“…

…Indulging in a tranquil picnic under the cool shade of vineyards canopies…

…Wandering through the cloister of an abbey which seems to have come out of a Disney fairy tale…

What if all of this is within your reach?

Join us!

Included services

  • Private chauffeur 
  • Travel insurance
  • Access to tourist attractions
  • Tasting of five local wines accompanied by “0 km gastronomic products 
  • Lunch (on request, vegetarian/vegan menu without gluten or lactose)