On a mission among the wonders of the Veneto Region


Riddles to solve, treasures to find, criminals to catch… 

Your smartphone in one hand and the map in the other, you’ll dive into extraordinary adventures through the hidden beauties of the Veneto Region. 


Bassano del Grappa is in turmoil: the splendid Ferracina clock that dominates Piazza Libertà is broken. Time has stopped, the hands stand still, and the original design is nowhere to be found. Will you be able to solve the mystery and fix the Clock?

Treviso is in shock. A young peasant girl has been killed with a billhook: could it have been a crime of love? It will be up to investigator Lorenzo Potassa, along with you, to investigate and try to find the solution to this seemingly guiltless murder.

A shady character has appeared in Venice: he is tall, dressed in black and wearing a strange big hat. He prowls the “calli at night, frightening the ladies and harassing passers-by, causing panic among the population. This is why the Serenissima is looking for someone who will be able to capture him…

After Eleonora Duse’s death, one of her favourite rings disappeared into thin air and everyone thought it was lost forever. All hope seemed lost but suddenly, out of nowhere, a writing was found, revealing that the jewel never left Asolo… Will you be able to find it?

Choose your own adventure: a unique game-experience to improve communication and team work between players. 

All together or divided into smaller groups, this game-experience provide valuable moments of sharing and discussion, where logic and team spirit are essential to find the various solutions. 

Last but not least, team-building activities can help remind people that work is never just about them, it’s about the entire group.

How about eating? 

Don’t forget to try a typical “cicchetto with a glass of Prosecco, Spritz or Mezzoemezzo.

Included services

  • Private transport
  • Travel insurance
  • Game-experience in Bassano del Grappa, Treviso, Venice or Asolo